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Python virtual environment

It is recommended, but not required, that you use a python virtual environment with SQLMesh.

First, create the virtual environment:

python -m venv .env

Then activate it:

source .env/bin/activate

Install SQLMesh core

Install the core SQLMesh library with pip:

pip install sqlmesh

Install extras

Some SQLMesh functionality requires additional Python libraries. pip will automatically install them for you if you specify the relevant name in brackets.

Some extras add features:

Feature pip command
Browser UI pip install "sqlmesh[web]"
dbt projects pip install "sqlmesh[dbt]"
Github CI/CD bot pip install "sqlmesh[github]"
Slack notifications pip install "sqlmesh[slack]"
Development setup pip install "sqlmesh[dev]"
LLM SQL prompt pip install "sqlmesh[llm]"

Other extras are required to use specific SQL engines:

SQL engine pip command
Bigquery pip install "sqlmesh[bigquery]"
Databricks pip install "sqlmesh[databricks]"
GCP Postgres pip install "sqlmesh[gcppostgres]"
MS SQL Server pip install "sqlmesh[mssql]"
MySQL pip install "sqlmesh[mysql]"
Postgres pip install "sqlmesh[postgres]"
Redshift pip install "sqlmesh[redshift]"
Snowflake pip install "sqlmesh[snowflake]"

Multiple extras can be installed at once, as in pip install "sqlmesh[web,slack]".

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